Extended Stay Hotels Vs Hotels for Business Travellers

Extended stay hotels, sometimes called apartment hotels, provide accommodation to those needing to stay in an area for a prolonged period of time, but who do not wish to commit to a residential contract. This includes people on extended business trips, and those who are in the process of relocating to the area. A typical extended stay hotel suite resembles a furnished apartment – with many conveniences not found in standard hotel rooms, such as self-serve kitchen and laundry facilities.


While they are always designed to simulate a home-like environment, you will find the quality of the amenities provided will vary considerably depending on the price. On the more upmarket end of the scale you will find accommodation that combines traditional hotel services (including full room service and a quality location) with the essential features required for an extended stay. Often these features are indistinguishable from those found in a self-contained apartment, offering both privacy and space for the discerning traveller.

The cheaper extended stay hotel options tend to forego the privacy and extra space mentioned above, in favour of shared kitchen and laundry facilities – with your personal accommodation usually consisting of only one or two rooms. Some cheaper options do feature self-contained facilities as well, but these tend to be very limited – such as a hotplate and microwave in place of a full oven. These still offer a great convenience to travellers looking for an extended stay on a budget, and the flexibility offered by the lack of a fixed contract can make up for the less home-like features.

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