Why Staff Do Not Take Holidays

Living in Australia is relatively easy when compared to other places. Melbourne is once again voted the most “livable city in the world.” There is a culture of “she’ll be right, mate” and “thank God it’s Friday” yet many people tend not to take their annual holidays. Taking a break from work is a time to refresh and perhaps review what’s going on. It is a time for businesses to get on with their business. All good businesses budget holidays for all staff so that an appropriate work/life balance is maintained. Here we look why staff do not take holidays.

There are many reasons why staff do not take their leave – both annual leave and long service leave.

1. Team Importance.

High performing work teams are difficult to create. When the team is functioning well, participants are reluctant to take leave because of a feeling of letting the team down. There is an “all for one and one for all” thinking in these people. However, the negative impacts on families could be quite high with this approach.

2. Staff who love their jobs.

Some people simply love their jobs. Working in a religious organization, a charity doing good work, or, a sporting enterprise is incredible motivation for some. The commitment is to the cause and they love to go to work. Any absence feels like a sense of loss.

3. Culture.

Job security is an important issue for most people. In recent times, especially when there is an economic downturn or the catch-cry from management is “you are lucky to have a job” there is a greater reluctance to take leave.

4. Control Freaks.

Most people have a way of doing things in their job. The thought of taking leave and returning and finding a mess is a strong motivator for not taking leave. People with perfectionist tendencies fall into this category. They fear the increased workload on their return when they have to “fix the mess.”

5. Unethical Behaviours.

It is known in internal audit circles that staff engaging in unethical or potentially unlawful practice are reluctant to take leave for fear of their practices being discovered.

6. Unhappy Life.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a happy and content life away from work. Work may be a refuge and the thought of being absent is too hard.

7. Insufficient Funds

Holidays will always cost something. A savings plan is a good way to be ready to go when your leave is available.

Business owners and leader should be aware of these situations and develop strategies to help staff maintain an appropriate work/life balance.

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